May 31

Splish! Splash! Twisted Tiara Washing Instructions

Caring for your new Twisted Tiara original hand-dyed piece is super easy. It’s best to make sure all of the loose dye is out before you wash it the first time. There are three ways to do it, but we only recommend two of them.

Oops! It shouldn't look like this!!

1. Dunk it in a sink full of cold water. Swish it. Splash it. Check the water. If it looks like this picture then you should wash it by itself. If the water is clear then throw it in with your dark clothes and you’re good to go!

2. Throw it in the washer ALONE. Use the cold setting!!Check the water to see if it’s clear. If the water looks like kool-aid then wash it alone. If the water is clear, then this baby is ready to party with all of your other dark laundry.

3. (Read with a sarcastic tone) Wash it with all of your whites on a hot setting. If everything comes our a fun, new shade of red, pink, purple, green…well you get the idea. This is NOT RECOMMENDED! Remember…we recommended two out of three ways and this is NOT HOW YOU WANT TO CHECK on loose dye!

Any questions? Use the “Email Us” button on the right side. We’re always happy to tell you how easy it is to care for your Twisted Tiara originals!!

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