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Embrace your inner Southern diva with a Twisted Tiara tee!

These funky, sassy and totally Southern T-shirts are sure to add a ray of sunshine to your day every time you wear them.¬†Twisted Tiara’s comfortable tees are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, which is a must in the South. New designs will be frequently added, and these are available now¬†in the Twisted Tiara Shop!

Wholesale inquiries welcome by emailing Twisted Tiara.

Ladies Sleep Shirt
Cheery red with a crisp white imprint
Sizes: S/M, L/XL, 2X/3X



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  1. Laury Morse

    Hey there!!! I had contacted you about a neon green, black and white scarf! Please let me know how big it is and how much it costs!!! Thank you so much!!!

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